Weekly Learning Links 12.11.11

Happy last week of school for 2011 and the start of what will hopefully be a wonderful and restful holiday season! Thanks to all of our music teachers who helped usher in the holiday season with the Nutcracker, the ELD sing-a-long, the Saks’ event, and Friday’s Christmas Concert at Trinity Presbyterian Church. Thanks to all of the faculty and staff who partnered with our music teachers and made these learning experiences for students so powerful.

Here are the Weekly Learning Links for the week of December 11th:

  • What If the Story Changed? by David Jakes –How many classrooms provide students with a time trip back to the 20th century? In this K-12 Online Presentation (30 minutes), David Jakes explores the notion of two simple words…What If? Jakes explains, “The presentation will challenge your thinking about traditional perspectives on education, and offer insights on how we might rethink these. I’ll begin with an introduction and then offer a series of vignettes that explore the story of change, all centering on rethinking how we approach the design of new ideas with a very simple approach you can use today.” David Jakes has also written a blog post about the notion of getting away from “Yeah, But…” and moving toward acceptance of “What if…”
  • Startup Radically Reinvents the Disposable Cup, Eliminating Plastic Lids by Fast Company Design — A rethinking of the traditional “to go” coffee cup that many of us use every week (day?). How might our students be able to rethink similar things that we use every week or day? Could this project serve as an inspiration for other projects?
  • Things I Know 296 of 365: We Have to Stop This by Zac Chase — If you haven’t seen this four minute video created by an eighth grader (and has since gained national media attention since his video went viral on YouTube), it’s hard to watch but important. Make sure you read the update listed in the comments section from the child who made the video.
  • TEDxCMU: The Next Chapter in Human Computation by Luis von Ahn — What’s a captcha? Well, it’s something that you probably come across every week…if not every day! Learn about how “Luis von Ahn, the man who brought the world CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA unveiled his newest and most innovative project to date: Duolingo. How can you translate the entire internet and do it for free? Duolingo will be a revolutionary product in which millions of internet users from around the world will work together to translate the internet and learn a new language at the same time. All for free.”

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